Gamal Yakout. Egypt

Obtained PhD of Arts in theater directing, works as a Lecturer in the faculty of Arts, Theater Department – Alexandria University.
Started as an actor, and currently is a professional theater director, awarded several prizes, the most recent is 5 prizes for “The Hairy Ape” by Eugene O’Neil; the 1st award for directing, lighting, setting, dramatic dancing and best performance.
Attended a diversity of Coaching Theater Training workshops in the areas of Acting - Directing - Theatrical Production - Organizing Theater Festivals and Storytelling).
Wrote plays, and preparing to issue a comprehensive encyclopedia in the theatrical production, also, conducted a number of researches and critical studies.
Established “Creation Group” as an independent theater group, established "Theatre without funding" festival where the festival became a yearly cycle in Alexandria.
Visited several countries as a member of the judging jury, and watched a significant number of local and international theater performances.
Let’s tell a story

This workshop will be mainly practical, participants will experience traditional story telling based on their own stories, either the participants have experienced themselves, or heard about it from a reliable source.
Participants will use their imagination to go further with a certain story, as someone can put the initial line of the story, someone else can complete a part from the story, and another one will follow, and so on, till we reach the end of the story.
 Participants will practice improvisation, writing, acting, movement, gesture to compose a complete well-made story with a tight rhythm. Also, they are asked to bring a notebook and a pen, we also ask Participants to bring an object or photograph that has a certain memory attached to it. Any item is fine as long as it remind them with a remarkable event which is suitable for building a good story.
By the end of the workshop, we will be joining all the stories to have a short presentation accompanied by music, singing.