Toni Galmes. Spain

Toni Galmés is bachelor in Fine Arts and in theatre direction. His PhD is based on Theatre History with a thesis on Puppet Theatre in Catalonia. Nowadays, is professor on History of Theatre for the University of Barcelona and director of the l’Aula de Teatre de la UB (The theatre group of the University of Barcelona). His artistic career is aiming at the university theatre and, since 2005 has directed about twenty plays with the students of the UB such as Les Bacants, d’Èsquil, La Disputa de Marivaux, L’autèntic amic, de Carlo Goldoni and other plays based on catalan authors. In addition to this, he has been collaborator and director assistant in the National Theatre of Catalunya  and the Liceu (Barcelona’s opera house).
1,2,3... it’s alive!!! Rhythm and tempo in comedy and puppetry

The proposed workshop is about rhythm and tempo dynamics in the theatre with objects, which are useful in comedy’ interpretations since the comic character is given by the knowledge of tempo. We will pick up a random object and make it act in dramatics’ action favor. This way, unanimated objects will come to life, and because of that so we will too, actors and directors at same time, will learn about puppet and object manipulation dynamics. Papers, stones, pencils, branches, glasses... Any element around us will be able to become an actor with imagination enough.