Tony Allotta. Italy

I am an actor, director and theatrical teacher and an activist artist in Teatro Valle Occupato in Rome where I am involved in different projects about education (Tanz Zeit). I was born in Rome, where I also began my education at La Sapienza University and the National Theatrical School directed by Gigi Proietti.
I played in many productions by Chechov, Feydeau, Euripides, Cerami, Goldoni, Noren, Yourcenar, Shakespeare, Pirandello, Pasolini and Boccaccio.
I produced 2 monologues :"Lettere Rubate - Cercando Fernando Pessoa" (Stolen Letters- Looking for Fernando Pessoa), a sort of investigation around the mysterious portugues poet. My last self-production is "La vita davanti" (The Life Ahead) a monolougue based on Romain Gary's novel. I am co-creator of the performance "Tutto il nostro folle amore" (All our mad love) by Teatro Valle Occupato, an artistic investigation about love in the time of crisis.

The relationship between hero and chorus today
How could a theatrical action let a connection or a fight begin?
How to create a collective action in which a single person is still an hero acting in a relationship with a chorus?
Making theater is always an act and a risky enterprise close to the impossible, a vehicle to fantasize about things that are not present or distant.
We'll play theatrical games to investigate the possibility to transform everythig into a scene.
Through this workshop we will try to give body to stories not originally thought for theater.
We will work on newspapers articles, novels, fairy tales and personal experiences that left a trace on our life to transform them into a collective action.
Through this workshop we will try to give body to the words and find a way to breath together as one body.
Each participant proposes a personal hero's stories of today to interact with a society's chorus.